Ideas to Keep Your Website From Looking Dull

Almost anyone can learn some web design skills, but not everyone can learn to use them properly. Many times, a person will learn web design to work on his or her own website or to make some money. The bad thing is that most people don’t ever really learn how to use their skills well. Avoid amateur web design mistakes!

No Long Paragraphs!
Put your information in short, readable chunks. People don’t like to sit in front of the computer for a long time reading lengthy, complicated paragraphs. Make your visitors’ reading experience easy and stress free. Use headlines, short paragraphs, and bullet points.

Avoid Music!
In the 1990s everyone had music on their websites. Now it is just tacky. It is unwelcoming to have music blaring while a site is loading and to have no way to avoid it. Loud music blasting while your page is loading (with no way to turn it off) can be extremely annoying and inconvenient to people who are visiting your website while at work, watching television, or listening to music of their own choosing.

Leave Off The Blinking Text & Animation!
This was a popular sight in the 1990s, but it is unwelcome today. Even though you may really enjoy using your animation skills, keep in mind that your professional website is not the place to show them off. Animations can cause your site to look very amateurish. Keep Animated Ads to a Minimum! These can be extremely annoying to your user and may cause them to leave your website.

Use Large Fonts in Plain Shades!
Little colorful fonts look very pretty, but they are hard to read! When your visitor can’t read your information, s/he will leave. Use Black & White! Colored fonts are hard to read, especially if no contrast is provided (e.g. light on light or dark on dark).

Use New Browser Windows Sparingly!
Don’t have a new browser window opening for every page on your site. This is very annoying. It is unnecessary to have ten windows open while viewing one website. Only use new windows on links that will take your visitor outside of your site.

Don’t Use Doorway Pages!
There are two kinds of people who use doorway pages: Unscrupulous Black Hat SEOs, and people who want to show off their skills in Flash design. Doorway Pages are not really worth anything. They don’t give your visitor anything but another click to perform to get to the information they are seeking.

Don’t Keep PDF Files a Secret!
Be sure your visitor knows s/he is about to open a PDF file before clicking. They are great sources of information, but not everyone wants to open one. There are a lot of computers that freeze up when loading a PDF page, so don’t spring them on your visitors unannounced!

Make Sure Your CAPTCHAs are Legible!
If you are going to use CAPTCHAs, make sure human beings can read them. Of course, we have to have them to prevent spam, but honestly, some CAPTCHAs are indecipherable to the average human. Don’t frustrate your visitors with illegible CAPTCHAs!

Get some feedback from a professional and avoid the mistakes detailed here, and you will be able to create a professional looking website.